Carrot Bukakke + Beastiality = Rock N Rolling: An Interview with Peter Jurt of HellBros

Peter Jurt, the charismatic skid from Ottawa’s high-energy quartet and Hoser-core
champions the HELLBROS took the time to answer some terrible interview questions.

You can catch HellBros with ManPower & Q Equals 7 at Zaphod Beeblebrox Sat June 9.

HELLBROS in my opinion are ottawa’s best Hoser-core band. What are the advantages of being a hoser?
Since the origin of the term “hoser” comes from Canadian Prairie farmers who syphoned gasoline using a hose during the Great Depression, there are obvious advantages to being a hoser. Free gas motherfucker!

Hellbros – Kill You

The song “Kill You” off of your album Goodtime Machine features a boner inducing opening riff. Who wrote it and what where they going for?
Our drummer Josh Roy wrote it. I have no idea how a musically inspired thought entered the mind of a drummer.

So you guys won $5000 at something called the LiVE 88.5 FM Big Money Shot… I would like a detailed account of how the dough was spent and more importantly how does one train for a Bukkake competition?
Training for a bukkake competition is quite simple. A bag of carrots, a half dozen friends (preferably drunk) and a peeler per person. Stand in a circle around a large house plant and peel away. Also the dough was spent on cocaine.

Safe & Fun For Kids

Hellbros and 80′s British pop band BROS have a lot in common…. the band name is similar, brother/bandmates, one brother is an actor etc. what else do the the Hellbros have in common with Bros?
No comment. We hate BROS.

As well as being a rocker, rumour has it yer a bit of a thespian.
I have a theory that high school theatre nerds experience advanced sexual encounters (anal, threesomes, Cleveland neckties etc.) well before musicians. Drama club is about non-stop touchy feelie trust exercises vs being in band which is mostly about carrying heavy boxes & mock sport humping bandmates. Any advice for the youth? Do you think actoring is a more fruitful avenue for teen sex than being in a shitty rock band?
Actoring is fun because you meet woman sober and play make belief. Rock N Rolling is fun because you meet drunk woman and get free beer and pussy.

You guys use a lot of salty language during a performance. Have you ever made a banter mistake…. something that brought about a party stopping silence?
I once confessed to bestiality but it was taken out of context.

What’s next? Albums, tours shows?
Well, we have to play a show with a terrible band called ManPower Sat June 9 at Zaphods…. Oh yeah & we’re playing Bluesfest on July 7th around 3pm. I heard we get a trailer filled with beer. I’m stoked for that beer.

Oh Yeah, Opening for Alice Cooper. Do you think he intended to peg off disabled folks with the chicken during his 1969 Toronto show?
Who is Alice Cooper? Can we be done now?


You can catch HellBros with ManPower & Q Equals 7 at Zaphod Beeblebrox Sat June 9.
Here is the Facebook Event

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    Hellbros rule!

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